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About Us

About Us

 My brother, and I started getting into the hobby when we were kids. However, after college as young adults we decided to take it to the next level. Buying premium quality lights, substrate, and of course plants. All plants are grown in our very own aquariums, and were propagated sometimes by single stems! We assure quality plants every time you order, because they're grown in our quality aqua-scapes. 

Rare Plants

We pride ourselves on producing the most quality looking plants you can find, as well as some of the rarest. These plants have been carefully selected, and cultivated in our aquascapes to produce the best looking plants around. Not all of our plants require Co2, but a lot of our plants do, and are grown in high quality environments.

Floating Plants

Along with our submerged plants that are cultivated in our aquascapes. We also produce several species of floating plants, with red root floater being our most popular. If you have a small beta setup, or even a professionally done aquascape; these floating plants enchance your tanks appeal, slow down evaporation rates, clean the water, and provide excellent shelter for shy fish!

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